Sex Myths

There are numerous incorrect views regarding sex, as well as many that are falsely categorized as “myth” yet are truly correct. In this blog post, I’d want to dispel some of the most frequent sex myths. I believe there are many sexually active individuals out there who are unaware of the following myths. Let alone the younger generation, who has just recently begun to explore their sexuality. I remember how much useful information I didn’t know when I first started having sex. Sexuality is now a significant aspect of my life as an escort. I believe it is acceptable to state that I have gained sufficient knowledge to discriminate between myths and reality.

Some myths are harmless, but many myths are dangerous because they can alter your approach to sex, urging you to take more risks or feel less pleased.

Here are our top disproved sex misconceptions for your safety and sexual happiness.

Myth 1: An STD can be contracted through a toilet seat.

Fact: Fortunately, this is not true for two reasons: many disease-causing organisms can only survive for a short period of time on surfaces such as a toilet seat, and STDs are transmitted by contact with open orifices or wounds. According to numerous specialists, no one has ever contracted an STD from a toilet seat (unless they were having sex on one). However, don’t let this deter you from fully washing your hands after using the restroom, as you might still develop a cold or coronavirus, among other infections!

Myth 2: Women cannot conceive when on their menstruation.

Fact: Although it is unusual, a woman can become pregnant as a result of unprotected sex during her period. This is because every woman ovulates at a different time, and sperm can survive in the female reproductive tract for up to 5 days, providing more opportunities for fertilization following the period.

Myth 3: Most women can experience orgasms solely through vaginal sex.

Fact: It is estimated that just 30% of women can have an orgasm from vaginal sex alone. This means you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with different sources of pleasure, such as clitoris stimulation. Furthermore, the majority of women have incredibly sensitive breasts and nipples, and the majority of them respond favorably when this area is adequately stimulated. Discuss what works for you in the bedroom with your partner, because excellent sex is all about communicating your wants. Also, don’t be afraid to try out new and unusual things, like as toys, bondage, role plays, and so on.

Myth 4: HIV can only be contracted through intercourse.

Fact: An individual can contract HIV through a variety of sexual practices, including oral, vaginal, and anal, but he or she can also contract HIV if infected blood enters his or her body. This can occur in rare circumstances of a blood transfusion or through an infected needle, such as one used for a tattoo or piercing. Women who have sex with other women are at danger of developing HIV, as are homosexual men. Always be cautious and take preventative measures.

Myth 5: Certain sex positions can help you avoid pregnancy.

Fact: A woman can become pregnant while standing, sitting, in a headstand, or leaping while having intercourse. Any vaginal sex in which a penis penetrates the vagina can result in pregnancy. Sex positions do not influence or reduce the likelihood of pregnancy. That is why I am frequently astonished when men ask for “just a little” unprotected sex (they will be careful). This puts both of us at danger of unintended pregnancy or the spread of STDs. As a result, my response (and hopefully that of other ethical escorts) is always a firm NO to such solicitations.

Myth 6: The typical sex session lasts 30 minutes.

Fact: The length of sex is determined by the pair and the situation; there is no such thing as a regular duration. Actually, the usually sought duration of sex is reported to be between 7-13 minutes, implying that excellent sex isn’t always longer. This discovery inspired the title of the famous Coelho book, 11 Minutes. It’s a really wonderful book, so I hope you don’t mind a small literature recommendation from me.